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What fun! Nature, good people, adreneline and exercise all wrapped into one. I recommend it to anyone. The facilities are well maintained; safety is a priority. The employees are all upbeat and knowledgeable. Maureen D

Maureen D.

Awesome!!! Great tour guides. Can't wait to do moonlight tour

sue parello

We went on the Taste of Tours and could not believe how much fun it was. Our guides, David and Shannon, were a big part of the trip. They made us feel so safe that it wasn't hard to take the first step. Actually, they were in the most danger due to people forgetting to hand brake, but all worked out fine. We are planning to take the night zip soon. We can now mark off another line of our bucket list :)

Mike & Ann

My mom, dad and I had a blast. We couldn't have asked for a better set of guides than Dave and Desiree. They both really love their jobs and it shows in there personality. They are very professional and make the zip line adventure very enjoyable. Their personalities complement one another. When I go to do it again I wouldn't do It unless its with them. Thanks for your time and loved the place and can't wait to get back there.

Best of luck to you and your amazing staff

Nate Ball

Nate Ball

My husband insisted that we do the zip line adventure. I was put off by the price. But, he wanted to go, so I booked the trip...and I am SO GLAD I did. It was worth every penny! Our guides (Dave and Shannon) were friendly, funny, and shared lots of information with our group. They were very safety conscious and extremely kind people. This tour (tour? adventure? both!) was better than many that I have done - including places in Europe! Thank you Adventures Unlimited - we will be singing your praises!

Jennifer G.

My family just did the Taste of the Tours Zipline package. It was great! Everyone at Adventures Unlimited was kind, helpful, and professional. The ziplines were great and it is very scenic. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Our tour guides, David and Desiree, were wonderful. They were very knowledgable and friendly. They were very patient and professional with everyone. I would highly recommend zip lining here as well as other activities. We can't wait to go back! It is definitely worth it!

Cristil Baldwin

First zip line and it was great. Dave and Kevin were awesome guides. Will definitely return.

Todd Jordan

My family of six went on the Ultimate Zip Adventure! It was AWESOME in every way. The guides were caring and knowledgable. Even helping my ten year old get over her fear of being 65+ feet in the air and trusting she was safe and secure! All safety precautions are taken. The best part was the fabulous scenery, although in August it is a bit hot. My kids were 10, 12, 13, and 18. They all rave about how they want to come back ..... us parents too! I cannot say enough about our adventures here. We also did a 7 mile canoe trip which was equally as great. The spring-fed water is crystal clear and inviting. We stopped along several sandbanks to eat our lunch and just swim and wade in the water ..... collecting river pebbles/quartz. We stayed in a rustic cabin which was air conditioned and clean. The bathhouse was also clean and well maintained. We enjoyed it immensely and plan on coming back again. The staff is super and friendly. A great place for families. We enjoyed, also, being able to get away from TV and the fast pace if the world! See you for our next adventure, The Satchell's

Sherry Satchell

We went on the five hour zip tour as well as the four mile tube adventure. This outing was one of the highlights of our vacation. The office/store staff were friendly and helpful. Our guides were professional, safe, and offered some awesome local historcal tidbits about the area. The flights were laid out well and had me wishing that we could have gone another round on them. After the zip adventure was done, we had a picnic and got ready to hit the water. The tubing adventure on Coldwater Creek was a refreshing end to our day at Adventures Unlimited. Do pay attention to the suggestions that you are in decent shape and that you bring some water to drink during the zips. It was hot the day we were there but, the heat didn't dampen the fun. To sum it up- Great place to spend the day and have lots of fun!


What a thrill it was for two senior citizens, 76 & 75, to take their two grandsons on such an exciting adventure. Dave & Hunter were so professional and so safety conscious that they put us completely at ease the whole time. Just proves that old folks can have fun too. We highly recommend Zip Adventures if you want the thrill of your life.

Pam & Proc Johnston

We had a great mother/son weekend at AUOC. The Juniper cabin was fun for my son. Ziplining was the highlight of the weekend. Dave and Shannon were excellant guides. They made the experience fun for the entire group.

Bridget and Avery

Wow, what a great experience! We started out on the zipline and then did the 7 mile kayaking trip. This was our first time, but it won't be our last. Many thanks : )

Jo Anne Burrage

The zip line flight from platform to platform was awesome! The instructors became our buddies before the end of the trek. The boys that I took could not stop talking about our trip and are planning another trip in the near future taking their friends! Thank-you for a wonderful day; it was worth the 2 and half hour drive.


I had an amazing time! Our guides were incredibly fun, and helped our group feel like old friends before the first tower. It was raining, but the trip itself was still amazing--as soon as we were done, I was ready to go again!

Krista Sennett

Our Taste of the Tours trip was absolutely amazing! It was down pouring rain and everyone still enjoyed themselves! Thank you so much for all of your cooperation in making this tour possible! THANK YOU!

Chelsey Thomas: Hurlburt ITT

This was our first time zip lining. It was scary at first being up on the platforms in the middle of RAIN but that's what will always make it memorable :). Nocole and Hunter were awesome guides! Thanks for an amazing experience.


My 8 year old daughter, husband and I, have had an awesome time this past weekend at Adventures Unlimited! Canoeing, Zip Lines, cabin,etc... Will definitely return!


This was mine and my wife's 2nd time Zip Lining at Adventures Unlimited. We brought our daughter and son-in-law with us this time. We had an absolutely great time and our guides, Kevin and Nicole were great! We will be back.

Steve C

It was great!!!! We had an excellent time. The guides Brooke and Dave were the best. Thanks guys.

Alexander Roman

I have been to a zip line in Gatlinburg and thought it was a wonderful experience but the one we had today went beyond that - much more challenging and fun. Kevin and Brooke made us feel like we were in good and competent hands. I will be spreading the word. Thanks for such a memorable experience.

Mona Denton

This place is so much fun!!! The zip lines have great surroundings and the guides know their stuff. We have been three times, each time taking someone new with us. It's great!!!

melody scott

This place is awesome. The zipline course is beautiful and everyone who works there is extremely nice.


Our trip to Adventures Unlimited to zip line and kayak was our first zip line trip. While my sister and I are extremely scared of heights (genetic trait) we were able to complete our flight and enjoyed all the trips. Nicole and Zach were extremely friendly in wanting to get to know all of our group (7), were understanding of our nervousness and completely professional. Their knowledge and explanations gave us a lot of peace of mind and enabled us to thoroughly enjoy our adventure. The kayak trip was an awesome way to end the day--relaxing and stress free. Thanks for a great time. Looking forward to our next adventure.

Nick Carzoli

Fantastic time for the whole family. Our guides Dave and Des were great. They were very knowledgable about the area and pretty good comedians as well. We will definitely return next year and try out the tube trip the next time around. Only a one hour drive from Pensacola and well worth the drive. The whole family had a great time.

Jeff Harness

My grandson, Carlos, and I had a WONDERFUL time zip lining today. Desiree and Zach were awesome guides! It was a FUN, FUN, FUN day! Thank you!

Judee Pouncey

We had an awesome time! The entire facility was well organized and ran like clock work. We love the School House Inn. It has lots of character, is very clean and has air conditioning! We zipped and kayaked and had a blast. We consider this one of our best vacations yet with the kids (9 and 11). Thanks so much for a well-done outing.

The Madderras

Wow! This was way more exciting than I anticipated. Desiree & David were professional in their leading our group and yet knew how to make the event a "FUN" experience. Thanks, David

David Leslie

Had a lot of fun! I've never been on any sort of zip line before and I loved it! I highly recommend staying here and doing the ultimate zip. The staff is very friendly and knows a great deal about the local environment. Great time!

Kyle Smith

We received a groupon for taste of the tours as a wedding present. Neither of us had been zipping before. Shannon and Zack were our guides and made everyone in the group feel very welcome as soon as we arrived. They were very patient instructing us on the equipment. Once we were zipping they made us all comfortable even those of us nervous about heights. They were both very knowledgeable about all of the sites and camping with random knowledge about the local wildlife and foliage thrown in. We will definitely be returning to zip and kayak again.

Victoria and Adam Sneed

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a billboard in Pensacola advertising zipline tours! Because I had wanted to do this in Jamaica but chickened out, I jumped at the chance. It was so safe, secure, and assuring that I talked my wife into trying it. She's been deathly afraid of heights all her life. But I described in detail the emphasis on safety, and she decided to try it. She zipped along like a pro, and was very relaxed and self-confident. My daughter, on the other hand, had a bad experience in Texas because the intense obsession with safety that AUOC practices wasn't there. She's looking forward to zipping here, and this time enjoy the thrills with total confidence. You guys at AUOC are awesome!!!

Robert Love

Great time and great staff. LOVE the last two zips over the river!!

Eric & Alyson

This was an amazing experience! Our guides were top notch at safety, but it was their friendly, welcoming personalities that really made the trip special for each and every guest. Way to go.....Bill and Kevin!! I can't wait to go again.


AWESOME ! WOW ! What is the word to describe the most amazing experience I have ever had! My family and I, (there were 9 of us) had the best time. Not only kayaking and tubing the river, but the cabins and oh, did I mention the ZIP LINE!!! I WANT THE CREW AT AUOC TO KNOW, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! You made the experience so much fun, and for that reason alone, and we will be back soon. Thank You so much Mike, Uschi and family

Mike Raffield

My husband and I celebrated my birthday zip lining and kayaking at Adventures Unlimited and had a blast! We cannot wait to return and do it all over again! The guides and all staff members are extremely courteous and helpful. A must do for anyone looking for adventure!

Angela Comeaux

No need to go to the mountains for zip adventures when we've got Adventures Unlimited right here in Florida! Our guides, Kevin and Michael, really rock! They kept us safe and entertained during our Ultimate zip tour. My group of eight family & friends thoroughly enjoyed our adventure, and we can't wait to return. There's no need to fear...just book a zip tour, step out of your comfort zone, and enjoy an awesome activity.

Wallis Mayo

WOW!! What a great experience. Ten times better than I expected. Kevin and Shannon were exceptional guides. They put everyone in our party at ease from the start. We were all over 60years old and some of us were 70. (my wife and I). I would recommend this adventure to everyone. It sure builds confidence.


We went on the Ultimate zip adventure during our honeymoon in April. It was absolutely a blast, our first time on zip lines! Our guides, Dave and Desiree were so much fun and pleasant to talk with. They did an excellent job of making sure everyone in our group had a good time. Adventures Unlimited was a comfortable place to stay, we enjoyed a long kayak trip down the Coldwater Creek too :)

Marian Howse

I took my two kids over for the day. This was our first time, so we didn't know what to expect. It was awesome. The guides (Nicole and Jake) were very friendly, constantly aware of safety issues and made the experience a great one. The kids enjoyed the time as well. The best part was the 900 ft long line over the creek. We would recommend the time to anyone.

Mike (From Tallahassee)

Had an awesome time on the taste of tours. Zipping was an incredible adrenaline rush, especially when you're a little afraid of heights. Their dedication to safety made the experience more enjoyable. The guides were friendly and professional. My girlfriend and I will be back soon!

Gregory Ates

Fantastic adventure! I would recommend the Ultimate Tour for everyone. This is one for your bucket list! Definitely planning to return! Shannon and Desiree are the best of guides. Highly recommend!

Tim Jenkins

We had such a great time zipping!...Stephanie and David made everything so "doable". The patience that David showed me was remarkable. I really appreciate what he did for me. Since I have COPD and confess that I am a little afraid of heights he was always reassuring me that I was doing just fine. The Zip Adventure was awesome. I highly recommend adding this to a list of things to do...even if you think you can't do it...you can! It is amazing.

Russ Treadon

We had a blast! The guides were so helpful and knowledgeable about the experience. We would highly reecommend it!

Randy Armbruster

My friends and I had a blast on the zip lines at Adventures Unlimited. Our guides Dave and Jacques did a great job of putting everyone at ease and ensuring our safety. We learned a few things during the trip and had great banter between guides and zippers. We would definitely recommend the experience.

Jack Canavan

We had a brillant time. The park is well laid out. The staff are very safety orientated and made sure that everyone was given the time they needed to feel comfortable. Lastly the tour guides were great they loved what they do and it showed in the coaching they gave us. Our son has wanted to go back every day since.

Tony Perkin

Our ziplining experience was amazing! We truly enjoyed every moment thanks mostly to our informative guides, Shannon and Dave. They were very knowledgeable about the area and were able to answer any questions we had. They had our safety in mind at all times, and we knew we were in great hands with them!


You captured my son petfecrly! You took a photograph of Michael during his senior year in highschool and just nailed it! We love it and so does Mike! He wants to go on to Art School and you are an inspiration for him to pursue his dreams. His picture is right above his drawing table to continue to inspire him daily. Thank you so much!Parents of high school graduates, this is a great gift idea! Teens just love it!


What a wonderful adventure we had. Although only one could muster the zip line, we all enjoyed the school house room and the wonderful outdoor kitchen. The staff were friendly and helpful and we enjoyed meeting with others who were also enjoying this adventure. Kayaking was a great way to relax and see the river. I would recommend your facilities to anyone interested.

Anne Couch

Our family had a blast on our spring break at AU! We stayed at the Old School House, which is like camping for non-camping folks like us;) It rained all night and we woke to downpouring rain. To our surprise we were able to zipline dispite the rain(it was intermitten during our adventure). The rain could have really dampened (pun intended) our fun, but, dispite the rain we enjoyed ourselves. Our guides, Dave and Kevin, were terrific. They reassured us and gave us confidence--great guys. Our trip ended with a sunfilled trip down the river in kayaks. We plan to come back in Oct with friends/family. We highly recommend AU!

R Francisco

We had a blast staying in one of the cabins and doing the ziplines! Dave and Des were great guides and it was a truly good time :)

Zoe & Buddy

My friends and I had a WONDERFUL time. The weather was perfect, Bill and David were awesome guides, the scenery was beautiful,and the zip lining was BIG FUN! Thank you! I'll be back.

Judee Pouncey

My daughter, grandchildren(Jacie, Abra, and Noah) and I all enjoyed zip lining and would like to come back again. Dave and Jeremiah were great.

Cathy Lindauer

I was given the gift of "Taste of the Tours" for my birthday this year, and it was wonderful! Shannon & Brennen were great guides for a nervous first-time zipline flyer. Shannon was extremely knowledgable and professional, and they both were quite humorous, which helped me a great deal! :) I certainly hope to return again soon. Thank you for a one-of-a-kind experience that I'll always remember fondly.


My kids, my husband & I had a blast! It is an experience I highly recommend. I will admit that as a person who is afraid of heights I did have some fears on the first tower we climbed to get to the first real zip line. But as the day progressed I grew more and more comfortable. By the time we got to the 65'T spiral and the 900'L zip I was a pro! Our guides, Steve & Dave, were outstanding and made the whole thing pleasurable and very safe!


Great time! Very safe, our guides made every transfer for us. Pristine setting. The time flew by. Desiree and Shannon were fabulous guides! The zips were the best we'd experienced anywhere. Will definitely be back - not just for zips, but other activities as well! Thanks for a memorable family day. Mary

Mary Estes

Our family had a great time on the 2 hour zipline adventure. We are looking forward to returning to do a longer zip adventure. It was great family fun...we hope to bring more of our family and friends to enjoy.

The Shindle Family

What a great time our family had going through the zip line course. Both guides were great to work with. For a morning of fun/excitement, I would recommend this adventrue to anyone.

Mike Anderson

Love the Zip lines with the high level of safety, high standard have high prices. Fun to ride


It was awesome and a lot of fun. The guides were excellent and were a tremendous help.

David B.

Ziplining was so much fun, The people at Adventures Unlimited were great, the tour guids that zip with you are AMAZING and friendly. I would recommend everyone go zip lining here. I plan on doing it again and again at Adventures Unlimited.

Ashley Heliin

Our flight guides were Bill and Stephanie and they made the whole adventure memorable and fun. The day we went was pretty much a downpour but the guides loved their job and it kept the adventure positive. The zip lines were well done and we had a blast and would definitely recommend the experience for all. Its a bit intimidating at first with the height but just go with it as it very safely handled and have fun!

Eric & Tammy D.

We had a great time! Zip-lining is truly a sport for all ages. Even with a bit of inclement weather, we still had the time of our lives! I would definitely recommend putting it on your "bucket list"! The guides were very patient and reassuring. Great service! Derek & Cyndi Williams & Doris Wyzard Leitchfield, KY and Clarksville, IN

Derek Williams

Adventures Unlimited's Zip Line Taste of the Tours was AMAZING!!!!!! I bought it as a Christmas gift for my son, because I knew he would like it, but I never dreamed how much we would ALL enjoy it! It was easy and fun, and our guides, Shannon and Nicole, were professional, knowledgeable, and very personable! We felt safe the whole time, and were able to enjoy the wonders of Florida's flora and fauna in an exciting environment! We will definitely be back for kayaking, tubing, and canoeing! Thank You for a marvelous adventure!

Lindsay Blankenship

We had a great time on the zip lines. Wonderful guides!

The Bates

Had a great time Saturday zipping with Jake and Shannon. They were great guides and showed our family a really fun time!


My son and I thoroughly enjoy our first Zip line adventure. The staff was very professional, and very knowledgable. We are looking forward to our next Zipline adventure at Adventures Unlimited.

Ken Taylor

Awesome experience (even for someone that doesn't like heights or ladders). I will definately be back to some more zip lining. The guides, Jake and Shannon were excellent

Tami Grinstead

My friend and I went out to the zip line adventure this past Sunday and had a great time! Bill and Martha were a lot of fun and extremely safety focused! I felt very safe the entire time and loved getting to learn a little about the area. The 900' zip line at the end was so much fun!! We will most definitely be back and I'm bringing a lot more friends next time! Thanks again!! -- Erik

Erik Hansen

My sister and I had an incredible time zip lining!! Our guides were great and took great care of us! They made sure we felt safe and that we had the time of our lives! We will be talking about this for weeks and will definitely come back!

Hope Courtney

Adventures Unlimited has the most beautiful setting for zip-lining that I have ever seen. The guides made me feel safe and they seemed to really enjoy their job.

Linda Ard

The kids had a GREAT TIME and the staff from the office to the guides were top notch and professional! We're planning another visit soon but we're bringing the whole clan and doing all the park adventures. Special thanks to Bill and Stephanie.

The Yoran's

This was my 2nd zip experience and it was even more fun than the first! The guides, Jeremiah and Dave, did a great job. They were so kind and patient with a person in our group who was terrified. They got her through with flying colors. I'm so glad I was there today and can't wait to go back.

Alice Brupbacher

We had a blast! Our two guides were amazing--made some very nervous ladies feel calm and secure. You made my girlfriend's 50th birthday the best ever! Thank you so much. We'll come back and back and back for sure!

paulette martin

What a wonderful family experience! The guides on the zip line, Kevin and Dave, did an awesome job and really made the experience that much more educational and fun. The accommodations at the school house inn were very nice and welcoming. The room was beautifully decorated, cozy and very clean. We loved the hammocks, fire pit and porch swings. The canoe trip was fun and the staff at adventures unlimited truly put the experience over the top. They were so very helpful and just plain fun to be around. We will definitely return and recommend this destination to anyone. One of the most relaxing vacations we have had in a long time. This is what a family vacation should be! Thank you Adventures Unlimited for a wonderful time! The Butterfield Family

Teri Butterfield

This was a Christmas present from my wife to me and my son. It was a lot of fun. The zip line course was a lot higher than I thought...a whole lot higher! Climbing the stairs/ladders was easy - but did I mention how high up we were! Wow! Guides were great.

Paul and Son

We had a wonderful zip line experience at Adventures Unlimited. As active seniors, we had no problem with the physical demands. The entire operation is well run, from the knowledgeable guides to the beautiful scenery. The flight offered views that were awesome. This was our first time trying a zip line, and we plan to return again.

Dennis and Jeanne

Great Adventure !!! I Kayaked each morning on the river which was so Relaxing... Then Ultimate Zip Line was non stop fun. The Staff was fun and as helpful as possiable. Safty was always first. I stayed in the "School House" and was very pleased. Keep up the great JOB...

Dale C / Texas

Great time, especially liked the ride over the water. Platforms could be a bit bigger!


We visited from NY, what an absolutely incredible Mom and Daughter adventure! If you don't try the Zip Adventure, you are definitely missing out on a great time !! The Ultimate is the tour we took, and it sure was !!! We will be back !!!! Thank you so much Martha and Desiree , you ladies ROCK !!! See you next year !! Shelby and Heather.

Heather Gallo and Shelby Tedd

Our experience was awesome. The way Ultimate adventure starts you off on short lines then grows longer and higher is perfect. By the time you get to the end you are comfortable enough to really enjoy the big one. I will be back and be bring more friends. Our guides Bill and Shannon they were patient and fun. They add an extra plus to the experience. Susan Seamon Tampa, Fl.

Susan Seamon

The whole experience far surpassed my expectations. The guides made us all feel save the entire trip. That is great considering we had 2-3 whimps with us, and we were 50' in the air without handrails all standing on a small platform. Super place, we will be back.

bob seamon

The Taste of the Tours was initially daunting but in the end not enough! We are looking forward to coming back, hopefully for a moonlight zip.

Doug B.

Fantastic! A real adrenaline rush, and a thrill for those who think amusement park rides are too tame! We were really impressed with the work David and Desiree did to make our trip fun, safe, and enjoyable. Can't wait until the rest of the family visits so we have an opportunity to do it again! By the way, do the Ultimate Zip! The last half is where you really get going!!

Dan Clark

This was a lot of fun. Our guides were knowledgeable and extremely safety-conscious. They knew a lot about the flora and fauna in the area and did a nice job of narrating our surroundings as we zipped from platform to platform. It was both exhilirating and educational. Give it a try!

Jean Whalen

First of all I would like to thank Shannon and Dave our zipline guide, they were awesome. At first I was hesitant to book this as I am scared of heights. When you get to the top on the tower, it really looks scary and I had to take a few deep breaths. But once you get over the scary part and just jump and glide, man o man, it is an awesome feeling. We did the taste of the tours and we cannot wait to come back and do the ultimate zipline course and the night ziplining!

Grace Richards

We had a great time. What a wonderful way to spend time with our family. The staff, Martha and Zach were exceptional and we really appreciated and enjoyed there many years of experience and knowledge. Thank you again! We hope to visit again soon.

Jackie - Tallahassee, Florida

Guides Dave and Desiree were fantastic. We had a great time zip lining!!!

Mark Mallory

Despite being petrified of heights I had so much fun at Adventures Unlimited doing the zip line. Kevin and Bill were very encouraging and went above and beyond to ease my fears and make sure the group had a blast! I can't wait to come back and face my fears again! Thanks!

Brandy Lewis

What a great experience! The views above the trees are gorgeous, the guides are knowledgeable, and the zips are just exciting enough to be thrilling, not terrifying.


Never did a zip line before but it was truly a great experience and our two guides, Dave and Kevin were great! Will definitely do this again. Thanks for a wonderful adventure!


What a great way to spend a weekend and everyone so was very helpful . The canoe trip was fantastic with many beaches to take a nap in the warm sun . The Ziplines were a thrill and we would recommend doing the Ultimate Zip Tour as well. As we sit on a plane heading back to below freezing temperature and snow of Michigan our plans of returning are underway . Thanks to all for a great weekend and hope to return soon

Kent and Amy Nealis

This was an amazing experience for my family! We were able to be together sharing something physical and fun while being in the beautiful outdoors! Our guides Dave and Shannon were the BEST! They pointed out nest and follage that we would have never noticed otherwise. They talked about the history of the cabins and more! My children haven't stopped talking about this trip! We will be back to float down the rivers and enjoy more forrest time! You have a class act operation, everybody we interacted with were GREAT! Thank you,

Amy Eastwood

What a BLAST! We will be back to do this again. What a wonderful adventure! Telling everyone about it. Shannon and Dave were the best guides and we will request them when we come back. What an Awesome Day! Kathy Nash and daughter Jamie

Kathy Nash and Jamie Nash

We had a fabulous time! My nephews, age 11, said it was the best Christmas gift ever. We had a variety of ages and all were helped and treated wonderful by our guides, Marc & Katie.


The temperature was a mild 62 degrees on a sunny December afternoon when we launched on our first zipline. What a thrilling flight. We had an absolutely wonderful time. While always putting safety first, our guides Desiree and Meredith were outstanding! The last flight over Coldwater Creek was a breath taking finish to an unforgetable adventure. We will definitey return!!!

Ron Springer

We had a great time! It was early in the AM, but worth every minute. The guides were very pleasant and helpful. I'd like to go again in the spring.

Terry White

Had the BEST time ever on vacation!!! The zipline guides Desiree and Zack were awesome!!!!! The entire family had so much fun....we will be back!!!!!

jane porto

This was a GREAT experience. The staff was very well qualified and patient with us - even those of us who had fear of heights and flights! - and I never felt unsafe. Will be back with a group!


I am not very comfortable with heights or standing on platforms with many people. Keith and Lauren promised me that I would be very comfortable soon and it would get easier. They were correct. They were very professional and good to work with. After the second zip line, it was all downhill and I was fine. I am so happy that I conquered my fear and was able to spend the time with my son during this experience. I would suggest this to anyone who wants to try something new and also to enjoy nature from a different perspective. Thank you.


Taste of the Tours was awesome! Our first time zipping, but Dave and Meredith made it very safe, easy and fun. The whole experience at AU has been great. We'll definitely be back soon!


Great fun! Nice and safe, but gets the blood pumping!

Alan G

This was a fantastic experience! I am usually afraid of heights but I felt completely safe on this trip. The guides were very knowledgeable, friendly and above all safety conscious. They always made our safety their primary concern but they continuously shared their facts about the flora and fauna of the area. The experience of flying along the zip line was exhilarating; by the third line, I was completely relaxed and could enjoy the glorious scenery and feeling of flying. I will be back for another zip tour in the near future.

Stephen Rome

I wanted to give my family a fun gift for Christmas 2011 so I signed us up for Ziplining. It looked like so much fun that I decided to go with them. What a blast we had so much fun. I was told "that was the best Christmas present ever!" Yes, I'm smiling :-) Thanks Adventures Unlimited it was a great experience.


We had such a great time on the "Taste of the Tours" Zipline Adventure. The guides were kind and knowledgeable and enhanced our experience. While the height of some of the towers (50' and 65') challenged some of our fears, we all successfully completed the course and had a great time in the process. The views of the area and especially Coldwater Creek were beautiful. Thanks so much! Highly recommended!


Had a blast at Adventures Unlimited today! The staff was super friendly and helpful and the zip lines were a blast! I will definitely be back.

Lisa K.

What an amazing experience!!! We couldn't ask for a better trip together. Our stay seemed like a private getaway and the staff was so friendly and fun. Dave and Desiree were the best guides we could ask for! Not only did they make the experience a blast, but they also gave us fun facts about the area while on our tour. Scott and I were so lucky to have Dave and Desiree to ourselves the second day for the ultimate zipline tour! I couldn't thank them enough for the time they took to make our adventure a trip of a lifetime. We hope to come back in the near future and do this again. This trip was worth every penny! Thank you Dave and Desiree!!!!

Scott and Heather

Wow, what can we say?! This was one of the funnest experiences we have had in a long time. We were a little nervous at first, you'll see when you get to the first tower AFTER the intro-zip. Loads of fun and a definite adrenaline rush from the start of the tour to the end. The experience would not have been have as enjoyable without our wonderful guide; Dave and Desiree. They were both excellent guides, who were very friendly, courteous and a great joy to be around. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone going on a zip-line tours, they will not disappoint. We will definitely be back for another zip-line adventure and to check out their kayaking and camping adventures as well. Thanks for the great adventure!

Dan & Kelly S.

This was my second zip line adventure and I have been canoeing with Adventures Unlimited since the 70's. The guides and staff at Adventures Unlimited are always so warm, welcoming, helpful, and enthusiastic. Their personalities are so well suited to the type of work they do! No matter how many times I visit Adventures Unlimited, my experience is always better than the last. A rare find in this day and age!!!!


Today was our first zipping experience (at Adventures Unlimited) and it was AMAZING! We had a wonderful time and can't wait to come back. It was completely worth the 2 hour drive from Mobile. Thanks you guys for advertising on Groupon! Without this, we would not have found you. All staff, equipment, and expereinces were perfect. Kudos to Bill and Josh for being excellent tour guides.

Clif & Kathy Summers

We were here for our 17th yr anniversary on 11/19/2011 and had the most AMAZING time!! Our Guides were great!! We did the 5 hour Ultimate Zip which includes both the Forest Flight and Soaring Stream courses. I HIGHLY recommend doing both in one day...it allows for time to get comfortable and by the end we were able to enjoy the scenery over the water as we soared at 35mph from 65ft in the air! cannot wait to come back!!!

Ray And Tammarin McDaniel

Excellent time and well worth the trip. This was the 1st time. My sister and I tried this and had a great time. The guides did an excellent job and were knowledgeable about the area and passioante about the work. looking forward to the next time.


Martha, Anne & I thoroughly enjoyed the Zip Line Adventure this past Saturday. As you well noticed, Anne was quite apprehensive at first, but thanks to your strict observance of safety guidelines, her confidence in your zip lines rose as the afternoon progressed. We will definetely be back in the Spring for another round of whizzing through the treetops. Thanks for a wonderful time. Robert & Anne

Robert Sorel & Anne Carstens (h & w)

My daughters and I went on the Taste of the Tour, which was a 3 hour zipline adventure. We had the best time!! It was fun. The weather was perfect. Our guides, Dave and Desiree, were awesome! They were so nice to my kids. My younger daughter was a little scared at first, but Dave and Desiree were so encouraing and by the end of the tour, my younger daughter volunteered to go first on the very last zip line! We had such a blast that we are going back soon. We definitey recommend it to everyone who is looking for a fun time.

Richard Hwang

We had such a great time we plan to come back again. Very, very enjoyable stay - comfortable lodging, beautiful property, incredible staff, and best of all - the adventures were awesome!

Gene & Kris

Very rewarding and fun experience. Dave and Desire were very capable guides and did an excellent job of instructing and entertaining the group. You have two good people there.

John King

Our group from Tallahassee, Florida had a blast! What a unique way to have a great time! The Taste of Tours was great, but the 3 hours was over far too quickly. I can't wait to go back and do the 5 hour Ultimate Zip the next time!!

Mark Ard

Great time..I took 5 customers to your zip adventure and they were talking about it for days. My customers will remember my company each time someone talks about zip lines. Mr. Jim Lowe Automotive Group South County Auto Parts St. Louis Missouri

Jim Autery

WONDERFUL! AWESOME! Want to do it again and again and again! Our guides, Dave and Desiree, were OUTSTANDING! Fun loving, watchful, caring, flexible they were everything and more that you could want! Kim

Kim Scott

We had a great time, the staff is very friendly and accommodating and, of course, the area is beautiful. I have always wanted to go on a zip line and thoroughly enjoyed it...just wish it could have gone on and on!

Brucie Arnold

I am 72 years old and this was on my bucket list ~ IT WAS A BLAST!! The guides are very patient and helpful and the experience is so gratifying ~ YOU CAN DO IT!! We, my husband and I, had our 17 year old grandson and his girlfriend with us and it was wonderful capturing a new memory of time together. Take a camera! I was under the impression that I couldn't and I am sorry that I missed getting pictures. Next time I will :-)

Judy Fairweather

I have gone zip lining once before and it was nothing like my trip with Zip Adventures. It was so great to climb up in the trees for our first zip and then continue to move from tree to tree without having to get back on the ground. I can't wait for our next trip. Thanks for everything!

Julie Maness

Our family had a wonderful time zipping through the trees at Adventures Unlimited. The guides were fantastic and very concerned for our safety. We would recommend it for all!


First time on zip line, but it was a great experience! Guides (we had Kevin and Shannon) were friendly and helpful. Definitely experience both zip line courses. It is worth it! I would recommend this adventure in the fall or the spring when it is cooler outside. You are high up in some tress and above many others, so full sun exposure. We chose a great fall day and loved every minute of it!

CS Chandler

Saturday, October 22, our first flight! It was AWESOME! We did the Taste of the Tours - Dave and Kirk were TERRIFIC!!! Felt completely safe (and I have some "height" issues). Would love to return and do the Ultimate one day. Thanks for a spec-durn-tacular time!!!

Terry Hatcher

We had a blast doing the Ultimate Zip Adventure! What a great experience! We'll be back for camping in a few weeks!


My brother from Kentucky and my niece from Denver Colorado came to Pensacola for a fall visit. Their experience was awesome and enjoyed the moonlight tour last Saturday October 8, 2011. This is the second time my Pensacola guests have enjoyed your amazing tour adventures. Your staff put safety first before pleasure and I commend them for their professionalisms. I will continue to recommend Adventures Unlimited to my future family and friends guests to the worlds most beautiful beaches...

Karen Z

I have never taken a Zipline Adventure. I get anxious about heights and wanted to challenge myself. As I climbed the ladder to the tower, I felt my heart racing. There is a stabilizing pole in the center of the platform that became my best friend. I was definitely a "pole hugger". I can happily say, I sped across the line and arrived full of giggles. Some of them were nervous giggles, but it was a blast. My 13 year old son had a blinding smile the entire time. I know we will never forget it. Great video, great pix, great memories with my family. Highly recommended.

Sherry C

My husband & had a great time on our zip adventure! I'd like to commend Desiree & Dave for their expertise in the sport and making this a fun experience for our first time zip lining. We'll be back!! Annette de Sercey

Annette de Sercey

Such an enjoyable and memorable experience! Our guides, Bruce and Katie, were excellent - encouraging, calm, and professional. Would definitely recommend this adventure.


This was an AWESOME adventure with GREAT Zip Coaches! I look forward to another day of zipping - I'm hooked! The 900ft zip over Cold Water is the absolute BEST! Thank you so very much! Bruce and Katie were so knowledgeable and patient with everyone on our tree top tour! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

Virginia W

We had the best tour guides (Kevin & Shannon)today at Zip Adventures. We had a few friends in our group that were afraid after starting the tour and Kevin was so patient with them, and encouraged them to conquer their fears. Shannon and Kevin are a good team they work well with each other, as well. We all finished together and will tell our friends it is a must do. At least we can mark this off our "Bucket List". Thanks so much for a wonderful time.

Teresa Eiland

We did the 2 1/2 zipline tour. It was alot of fun. My husband is somewhat afraid of heights so he wasn't crazy about going 80 feet in the air but you are always safe and secure.

Jessica R

My daughter and I had an incredible time with our guides Martha and Terri. We were excited to here that you all offer ziplining at night once in awhile. We will be comming back.


Dave and Shannon were excellent guides. We had a great time and will be back!

Kris Thoma

Bucket List This was so worth the trip! We had an awesome time ziplining through the forest! You're adrenaline was always pumping... sometimes the hardest thing to do was let your feet go off the edge of the platform but once you did it's the most awesome feeling of relaxation! We've already started thinking about a second trip! Thanks again!

Jennie Bosarge

We had a fantastic time! Our guides, Dave and Jeremiah, were very professional and had great skills at helping everyone feel comfortable. Safety was the highest priority and I never felt scared after seeing their procedures. The equipment was in excellent shape and is checked after every tour. Dave and Jeremiah also shared information about the environment we were flying over. I highly recommend this zippy-do-da adventure! :-)


It was a blast! Paige and Jake were both great, friendly and knowledgeable, also extremely personable. I would defiantly recommend it to my friends for a fun afternoon

Jim morency

Had a awesome time the people were friendly. The zip lines were so much fun to ride. The last line was the best flying over the water was awesome. Great way to spend my birthday. I want to go back and do it again.


Katie and Shannon(instructors) were the best! When we come to do the moonlight zip, I want them to be there. My sons thought they were so cool and professional. Keep up the great work! Garth Miller

Garth Miller

I took my 11 and 14 year old kids and their friends on the spur of the moment. I was looking for something REALLY different. The ticketing people were great about fitting in our group. Our zip tour guides were Josh and Taylor. They were funny, nice and made us feel confident on the course, which was challenging. The kids told me they had "the best time of their lives". I Highly Recommend the Taste of the Tours for this age group. Anita

Anita and Crew

My wife is not the adverturous kind, but the friendly staff made her feel right at home. The guides were informative and professional, scenery was beautiful, and the adventure was definitely worth it! Next time we come back I hope to try canoeing as well. -Will from Texas

Will Mitchell

Awesome experience! Our first time on the zip lines has us hooked. The guides are so friendly, informative and effortlessly put us all at ease. Safety is a priority but was never an issue. Fun Fun Fun! Beautiful environment, breathtaking bird's eye views. Totally worth it! (We'll be back)

Ryan & Reiko

We had always wanted to "zip," but since I am afraid of heights, my sweet husband always missed out. Our very patient guides, (Jake and Dave), helped me over my nervousness, and after the first "zip" I was hooked! By the second zip line, I was going first! It just got better and better from there. We zipped "the tour," but now we are ready to go back and try them all! We are also recommending this to all of our family and friends ~ thanks Jake and Dave for a wonderful adventure!

Connie and Kevin

My family had a very exciting trip yesterday. Martha and Dave were wonderful. Extremely capable and efficient. Safety was always first concern for them.

Mary Carswell

Wow ! Right here at my back door. It was awesome! I've zipped in Belize & North Carolina and the 900 ft over the creek was the best. Cave to cave in Belize was fun and NC had a 600 ft across the mountain canopy was great but the taste of flight has won out.


Absolutely amazing experience. I would have never thought about doing this had it not been for my friend Karen. I am glad we did, even though I had a healthy fear of height, I was able to push through. Now I am looking forward to doing this again. Plus the guides were knowledgeable and helpful. These people are safety minded first and formost. Don't be afraid, try this. Sincerely Dorrel

Dorrel Lopez

Our students absolutely loved the Ropes Course! This is a huge benefit to our Leadership Team, and building their skills and desire to produce results for the upcoming school year. As a student I took part in programs such as these offered by Adventures, and have been none too happy too be able to incorporate it into our program here at the Pace High School Bands for several years now! We consider part of our more recent success as a student program.

Jarod Leddy, Director of Bands, Pace High School

Martha and Bill were terrific guides! This is a great course!

Renee P

We would like to say we had the BEST TOUR GUIDE EVER:Josh. Loved the place and hopefully will be back very soon! Everyone we came in contact with was very friendly :)

Robert McGrew

Our zip adventure was fantastic! Our guides, Bill and Katie, added to the fun and educated us on the surrounding environment and the zip experience. What a fun way to spend a Saturday morning! Next time I would like to do the complete set of 14 flights. Thanks for a great ride!

Laurel Crowe

This was the second time I came to zip and was again amazed hoe great it was. My grand daughter who is 10 loved it as well. If you have doubts about it dur to a surgery please talk to the staff. I had major back surgery just over a year ago and I can'y wait to go again. Best money you'll use on a great time.

Betty McLeod

My son and I had an awesome time on the zip line adventure! The staff was very safety conscious and knowledgable. They explained the zipping process throughly, acknowledging doubts and fears of others in our group. But there was nothing to fear...just zip and enjoy!!


This was my second zipping adventure and by far, was the BEST!!!! N.C is fun but Adventures Unlimited Zip Line is AMAZING and BETTER!!!!! I had the best expericence. Eric and Katie, our guides were amazing. They were fun and kept safety in hand at all times. I am recommending this to everyone. It is an adventure that you do not want to miss!

Jennifer Wells

We were here for our 6yr anniversary on 6/13/2011 and had the most AMAZING time!! Katie and Desiree were our wonderful guides and I would definitely request them for future tours. We did the Ultimate Zip which includes both the Forest Flight and Soaring Stream courses. I HIGHLY recommend doing both in one day...it allows for time to get comfortable and by the end we were able to enjoy the scenery over the water as we soared at 35mph from 65ft in the air! LOVE this place and cannot wait to come back!!!

Stevie & Shea

We had a wonderful time with the whole family. From 11 to 50 years of age it's a great adventure for everyone. Our guides were friendly, down to earth helpers, with safety first at all times. We enjoyed our morning and hope to come back again.

Edwin Carroll

I have been on almost every zipline tour they have - including a moonlight zip and I just wish that I could zip with them every day because it's so much fun! I

Cindy Haber

We had a great time! Our guides were a lot of fun and it was great to fly for a few hours. Definitely recommend it.


I had an amazing experience! The only thing I would change is to let people know that the 5 hour time for the ultimate zip is based on 8 people. Your time could be less if there are fewer people in your group. I figured it would take 5 hours and we did the ultimate in under 3hrs. I would have stayed longer and rented a tube or kayak. Your place is amazing and I will highly recommend it!

Ryan McGwyer

I have been wanting to zip line for quite some time and Adventures Unlimited did NOT disappoint! It was fantastic. Our guides, Bill and Dave, were awesome. While walking and zipping from tree top to tree top, they pointed out all the various berry trees and took time to show us the Red Shouldered Hawk. They really made the experience that much better! Can't wait to come back!


We were first time "Zippers" and we had an amazing time! Martha, Jack and the tour guides were so professional and helpful, they really put me at ease. The entire park was beautiful and impeccably maintained-not a piece of trash to be seen! The Zip Line courses were amazing with breath-taking views of the white sand bars and Magnolia trees in full bloom. This was a family adventure that we'll remember for years to come! Thanks Jack and Martha!

Barbara Jones

I am an adventurous person who has done many zipline canopy tours in the south. While I was on vacation in Panama City Beach I knew I had to come out to Adventures Unlimited and see what their zip adventure was all about. After completing the Ultimate Zip Adventure I was wanting to do it all over again! Our guides Shannon and Kevin were awesome! Zip Adventures at Adventures Unlimited is definitely one of my favorites and I will be back again. Thanks for a great time!

Chris Cheatwood

This was my 2nd time in the canopy. Had a great time once again. Looking forward to a night zip in the future. We will be back.

Erin Sutton

You have to try this!


Best campground yet. The staff was super friendly and the grounds are very well kept, even the bathrooms. My group went ziplining and it is absolutely an experience to remember. Our guides were extremely nice and worked well together. The course was Awesome!!


This was the most exciting and fun zip-line adventure I have ever been on. Kevin and Matt were the best guides ever. At every platform, they would tell us about different things in the area that we could see from there and all about the history of the area. Flying over the creek was so much fun! This is a memory I will never forget.

Chelsea Daniel

My daughter Emily and I did zipline in celebration of Emily's 21st birthday. It was a thrill that neither of us will soon forget, it rivaled some of our scuba adventures. Desiree & Shannon are great guides. TY for making this a special day for my daughter and I. Warmest regards, David

David & Emily

My husband and I had a blast! Kevin and Matt took excellent care of us and added many interesting facts about our surroundings. Try it - you'll love it! Pam Cole

Pam Cole

I did the Forest Flight in April 2011. I had done a zipline adventure before, but this one was so much better. This Zipline started my Bachelorette weekend and it was outstanding! I had a group of 4 women and our guides, Kevin and Bruce, did such a great job making us feel safe and special. They even took the time to take a few pics of our entire group. The staff is amazing. From my first phone call to make the reservation through our walk to the cars after the adventure, everyone was attentive and kind. The views from the platforms and the zipline spans were great and there was even trivia about the area that was included in the adventure. I will definitely be back to do the rest of the course, Soaring Stream. Thank you Adventures Unlimited! Jennifer

Jennifer Zaden

Both my son and daughter and I had a wonderful family activity that was exciting along with educational. Martha was adept at explaining the local plants and critters, and her son inspired confidence in my children to zip high up in the canopy. I have to agree whole-heartedly with their assessment that, "A happy zipper has bugs in his teeth!" Thank you for a great afternoon!

Ron Fey