About Us

About Us

Zip Adventures is a part of Adventures Unlimited Outdoor Center, which began in 1976 as a canoe livery with two canoes on top of a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass. In the past 30+ years, Adventures unlimited has expanded significantly and has become the premiere destination for outdoor recreation in the Southeastern United States.  We offer a high and low ropes challenge course, a massive fleet of canoes, kayaks, and tubes, family-style and group accommodations, a full-service catering facility, and an extensive offering of outdoor activities and fun, educational opportunities.  In 2011, we proudly added Zip Adventures to our offerings to take our adventure offering to new heights!   

About Zip Line Tours:

The art and skill of zip lining (canopy zip lines) was first introduced in Central America, developed for forestry scientists studying unique ecosystems in the canopy tops of Costa Rica.  Landing platforms made ideal observation areas to conduct studies and learn about the different plants and animals that live in and among the tree tops.  

Zip Adventures is the first canopy zipline tour in North Florida.  It is the longest and most diverse zip line tour in all of Florida, complete with three towers, 14 zip lines, and two sky bridges.  Our fliers soar over the longleaf pine and wiregrass uplands, through the hardwood hammock, and above an ox-bow lake system.  Coldwater Creek lies beneath you across several of the zip lines. Below are the different flights that we offer:

1. Double Dip Zip Adventure

2. Taste of the Tours.   

3. Soarin' Stream

These tours each offer a unique experience - your flight may be integrated with a short hike through a forested pine plantation, involve climbing a 60-foot tower that overlooks thousands of acres of pristine forest including a 100-year old pine tree overlooking Bass Brink and Coldwater Creek, or include traversing a genuine sky bridge!  Our tours include zip line runs of nearly 1,000 feet.